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New Pavilion of the National Museum
in Warsaw




National Museum in Warsaw



Design team

Dominik Eymontt, Mariusz Ścisło, Arkadiusz Janowicz, Urszula Bereś, Karolina Piaścik, Paulina Włodarczyk, Magdalena Jankowska, Paulina Jaczewska-Wocial, Michał Dołbniak (wizualizacje)


The leitmotif of the designed building is the preservation of symmetry between the historic shape of the existing museum, a closed structure with a vertical rhythm of the façade, and the open structure of the park space, a soft park form of greenery and recreation.
The symmetry of the project is a combination of two shapes and functions - a conservation center closed to the building's surroundings and an open, integrating and culture-forming building for visitors, including the park area into the museum space. The project is an attempt to create formal and informal spaces, giving the opportunity to experience the world of art and nature at the same time.
The inclusivity of the building was achieved by designing a regular external sculpture square in front of the main avant-corps of the MNW building, connecting the park space and the entrance zone to the internal exhibition part. A public terrace on the roof of the café and a green meadow connected to it complement the program and create a less formal space.
The compositional counterpoint is a simple technical block overhanging the whole, with a conservation and storage function. It was treated as a "technological box" both in terms of economy of form, simplicity of solving the internal function, as well as by the use of a repetitive and economical facade motif.​




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