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Moderna Etap 1





Dom Development S.A.


Sales area​


40,280 m2 (including 9,367 m2 in stage I)​

Design team

Mariusz Ścisło, Paweł Kotarbiński, Michalina Salamandra, Anna Berft, Joanna Klusek, Łukasz Adamkowski, Monika Kłos, Katarzyna Łuczyńska-Kalata, Dominika Sobczak, Aleksandra Krzywańska, Joanna Wiercioch


Urban planning of the housing estate in Targówek at Malborska/Głębocka Streets is subordinated to the requirements of the Local Development Plan, with the overriding principle of creating the Głębocka frontage as a commercial street. The complex is located between the area of ​​urban forests and the Bródno Canal, making it possible to reach all complexes of the estate on foot, connecting the urban forests of Bródno with the planned boulevard over the Bródno Canal.
The urban planning of the entire estate and Stage I of the investment were carried out according to our design. The functionally separated complex has entrances from the raised patio.
On fragments of the façade there are color elements with bright, intense colors that contrast and break the monotony of the modernist buildings.​



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