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Towarowa Square


In progress




Asbud Group

Sales area​

20 500 m2

Design team

Mariusz Ścisło, Arkadiusz Janowicz,  Monika Wierniuk, Ewa Karkowska, Katarzyna Sikorska, Adrianna Smolik


The Towarowa Square residential building complex is being erected in the Wola district at Towarowa Street. The investment consists of three buildings with a height of 7-12 storeys and is a continuation of the Towarowa Towers investment.
In three buildings, there are almost 360 apartments of various sizes from about 25 to 140 square meters.
An elegant lobby is planned in buildings C and E, a playground is planned next to buildings C and D on a separate patio. On the side of the public road, in the ground floor of the buildings, service premises have been designed to emphasize the urban character of the investment located in the very center of Warsaw.​



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