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Concept Tower




Concept Development BSD2 Sp. z o.o.


Usable area​


9 446 sqm


Design team

Mariusz Ścisło, Paweł Kotarbiński, Anna Berft, Dorota Morelewska


After the bankruptcy of the plant in the 1990s, the area of ​​the Philips factory, and later Rosa Luxemburg, was divided between various Investors. The post-industrial area had common infrastructure, roads and entrances, as well as some common buildings. Some of them underwent modernization, during which they lost much of their historical value. Nevertheless, in the eyes of architects, they were an example of Wola's post-industrial architecture worth commemorating. They were inventoried and photographically documented, and partly "built into" the new building. And so today, along Karolkowa Street, the frontage from the side of Grzybowska is closed by the Concept Tower building, dominating with its height, located on a plot that is difficult for an office function, whose symbolic elements of the entrance gate, hundred-year-old cobblestones and border wall have been woven into the new structure.
The projection of the building is limited to an area of ​​650 m2, which is not very comfortable for an office building, and is extended on the upper floors, which gives the impression of overhanging the pavement. Thanks to this, an individual architectural form was obtained, emphasizing the slenderness of the building. Difficulties with the implementation of the parking program forced deep foundations (less than 12 m from the surface).
The building with a varied spatial form forms a whole through the interpenetration of two main blocks: the lower, seven-storey part with main horizontal divisions and the "heavy", stone facade, and the upper, fifteen-storey, "light" part with vertical divisions and a glass and aluminum facade.​



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