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Studio Mokotów





Dom Development S.A.


Sales area​


20 100 m2

Design team

Mariusz Ścisło, Dominik Eymontt, Anna Makara, Arkadiusz Janowicz, Justyna Borowska, Karolina Piaścik, Joanna Witkowska, Ewa Karkowska


The Studio Mokotów investment is an example of a successful combination of high functional and quality requirements of the investor with the architect's idea. The professional support from the general contractor also turned out to be very important.
The idea was to combine typical residential architecture with elements of street art. The choice fell on one of the leading artists of this trend, Catalan El Kenor, who was invited to cooperate on the project.
The façade was decorated with his graphics. Each graphic was "cut" into vertical fragments, which were then placed on illuminated glass razor blades hung on the façade. In this way, the effect of a dynamically composed whole, appearing at a certain angle, was obtained.
On the façade, decorative brick elements were also used in the basement of the building and on the loggias in the form of openwork walls.
Particular attention was paid to the surroundings of the investment and the forms of small architecture around the building, which also feature the leitmotif of the graphics.​



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